Control Your Mac's Mind

MindVision Software has released MindControl 1.1, an update to the highly versatile Macintosh control system. It provides even more ways to control your Mac using simple keyboard commands. According to MindVision:

MindVision is a Mac utility designed especially for iBook and PowerBook users, MindControl helps people work faster, organize important items and give the trackpad a rest.

MindControl makes it easy to open applications, documents, folders, server volumes and URLs in a few quick keystrokes. With MindControl, you spend less time navigating and more time working.

Along with saving time, MindControl saves valuable screen space. Unlike launcher utilities, MindControl stays out of the way until you need it. Until then, MindControl uses absolutely no screen real estate. Once it finishes its job, MindControl steps out of the way.

MindControl 1.1 features more ways to manage commands, a built-in quick reference guide and support for items in the Favorites folder.

MindControl includes:

  • Support for keeping file paths up to date - MindControl can check your commands list and help you locate any files whose paths are no longer valid.
  • Quick access to enclosing folders - Now you can select a command for a file or folder and open the itemis enclosing folder at the Finder.
  • Fast help when you need it - To help you use MindControlis built-in system commands, a quick reference guide is available whenever the popup menu is active.
  • Support for the Favorites folder - Bringing another control function to your keyboard, the MindControl popup menu can show items from your system Favorites folder.
  • Translucent popup menu - Taking a page from Appleis Aqua interface, MindControlis popup menu has a translucent appearance.
  • Mouse/trackpad functionality - Though MindControl remains keyboard driven, you can also use a mouse or trackpad to select commands in the popup menu.
  • Integrated online purchasing and upgrading - Integration with the eSellerate e-commerce system enables you to purchase or update MindControl without leaving the program.

MindControl is available for US$19.95, and a demo is available for download. The update is free to registered users. You can find more information at the MindVision web site.