Controlling Your Mind Across The Internet

Observer Reinhilde Alaert tipped us off to yet another Cool Waste of Time. Reinhilde directed us to a Web site that asks "Can Jan Bardi CONTROL YOUR MIND across cyberspace??" According to the game we played on the Jan Bardi Web site, the answer to that question is "yes, yes he can." Jan Bardi is a European performer (thanks to Observer Bob Lang for the comment below) of what he calls "psycho stunts," and his Web site offers an online demonstration of his powers in the form of a game.

The game is pretty simple. There is an image of six 6-sided dice with a series of arrows connecting each die. Jan Bardi gives you instructions for you to follow, and eventually guesses the die you have chosen. From the Web site:

Challenge Jan in a free online demo. Obviously, itis more a virtual game than a true stunt performance. Enjoy the fascinating appeal of PsychoStunts right here, right now!

Hello challenger!

Weill use this die board to test your will power. Just stick to one rule: always follow a coloured arrow to step from die to die. That way, your moves will be influenced by subconscious colour and number preferences. Can I use them to control your path?


Itis a pretty nifty bit of "mind control," and is definitely a Cool Waste of Time. Thanks to Observer Reinhilde for the tip, and, if you know of a Cool Waste Of Time, let us know.