Cool Interface Enhancements Again Bundled Together

Greg Landweber is offering three of his most popular shareware applications; Gregis Browser, Power Windows, and SmoothType together at a special low price. All three applications offer OS 9 users interface features that will be standard in Mac OS X. According to Mr. Landweber:

From now through March 24, Gregis Shareware is once again offering Power Windows, SmoothType, and Gregis Browser together for only $20, half off their usual registration fees! To take advantage of this deal, register "Gregis Bundle" online at:

Power Windows (available separately for $10) lets you drag windows as solid or transparent images instead of just a dotted outline, as well as offering fading Finder windows, fading menus, and translucent menus!

SmoothType (available separately for $10) gives you high quality text smoothing or "anti-aliasing", similar to the smoothing used under Mac OS X.

Winner of a MacUser Shareware Award for Best Utility, Gregis Browser is a compact multi-pane file browser, based on the same model as Appleis column view in Mac OS X.

You can find more information at Mr. Landweberis Web site.