Cool Waste Of Time: Virtual Bubble Wrap

Ok, so youire sitting there staring at your Mac, you donit feel like working, you donit feel like playing a game, and since you are at work, checking out the adult websites is a no-no. A true conoisseur of time-wasting in the workplace knows that the best productivity-killers combine the dual pleasures of participating in a totally useless exercise whilst annoying the other workmates in the process - and thereis no better way to accomplish this than the wonder of bubble wrap. Ah, bubble wrap - the sound that screams "Unproductive!" with every squeeze-pop! you inflict on the ears of your fellow serfs. The fun only ends when you run out of bubbles to squeeze.

Thatis why you need Urban75is Virtual Bubble Wrap. Not only does this page provide you with a whole sheet of packing material for your squeezing pleasure, but thereis no way youill run out of bubbles - they magically reappear after just a few seconds. And of course, they have the requisite popping sound, essential for annoying the person at the desk a few feet away.

So next time youire looking for something to alleviate your workplace blah, check out the Virtual Bubble Wrap, and the rest of Urban75is collection of procrastination enhancers. Youill never have to raid the office stationery cupboard again.