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If your PowerBook runs too hot for your taste and you are looking for a way to cool it down then check this out: Buka Della Festa, a new company from Italy, is offering itis new igizmoi called ALZAmela. From the ALZAmela press release:

No more irritating problems with the heat produced by Mac laptops!

Buka Della Festa, an Italian web company specialized in computer accessories, has just launched on the market a brand new gadget, ALZAmela®, that keeps the Mac laptop fresh and ready to be used anywhere.

By raising the laptop off the desk, ALZAmela® guarantees better air circulation, working as a buffer between the laptop and the supporting surface, improving heat dissipation and prolonging the life of the laptop! Furthermore it is also available in a flat version, that rises the Mac off 1/5 inch ideal for avoiding scratches and damage.

ALZAmela® has a very discreet and elegant shape and it perfectly matches with the footprint of the Mac; its colour varies according to the model: transparent for iBook models, sand colour for PowerBook G4 and smoked colour for PowerBook G3 series. Made of plexiglass, ALZAmela® guarantees perfect adhesion to the laptop and no slippage. The E-shop accepts all credit cards and it is characterized by a special introductory offer until Sept. 2002.

You can also have the ALZAmela customized with laser engraving or coloured stickers. Magnifico! Stop by the ALZAmela Web site for more information.

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