Copernicus Screencapture App Updated

Danicsoft has released an update for Copernicus, bringing it to version 1.2. Copernicus is an OS X screen capturing utility designed with custom image control. The update features performance enhancements including interface improvements and bug fixes. According to Danicsoft:

Danicsoft, developer of the popular benchmarking utility SpeedRun, released a major update to their flagship screencapture program Copernicus today.

Copernicus allows you to capture and handle screenshots in Mac OS X with unprecedented ease. You can capture a portion of the screen, an entire screen, or a series of screenshots to form a movie.

Copernicus 1.2 features a simplified preview window, which displays a thumbnail of each screenshot taken. This version also allows you to hide the dock icon so Copernicus can work in the background.

Copernicus 1.2 introduces many new features and fixes many bugs including:

  • New selection tool is resizable and draggable
  • Themes are now located in the resources folder
  • Fixed drawing of the cursor into movies
  • Fixed a bug that caused the sample window to be too dark
  • Added ability to move selection with arrow keys
  • Improved the accuracy of the sample window (hold option key)
  • No longer suddenly closes movie window if you choose not to save
  • Fixed bug that made text in about tab disappear

You can find more information about the Copernicus update at the Danicsoft Web site. Copernicus 1.2 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$10.00.