Corel Cans Bryce For Mac, Bryce 5 To Be The Last

Many Mac owners love to use Corelis Bryce 5, it is a powerful graphics tool that helped create many of the stunning vistas used in games like Myst. Unfortunately, Bryce for the Mac is going the way of Word Perfect.

Paul Rego wrote TMO with his concerns after contacting Corel. Mr. Rego is a Bryce user and told TMO of his exchange with a Corel sales representative. Mr. Rego wrote with the following::

Today (5/29/03), I just spoke to a sales associate at Corel who told me Bryce has been changed. Itis still version 5 but the only difference is that it will no longer work on the Macintosh! They told me they are making note of anyone who contacts them and wants to continue to see Bryce work on the Mac. They also told me Corel will put out an official press release on this next week.

TMO contacted Corel and got this statement from Meredith Dundas, Communications Manager at Corel, about Corelis current support of the Mac version of Bryce 5:

At Corel we continually monitor the sales performances of our products to ensure we capitalize on market trends and opportunities. Through our research we have found that sales for Corel Bryce 5 are strongest with Windows customers, particularly at retail. As a result we have chosen to focus our efforts on Bryce 5 for Windows. We continue to support Bryce 5 for Mac with customer and technical support, and customers who wish to purchase Bryce 5 for Mac can still order licenses through our Corel Inside Sales department by calling 1-877-OK-COREL (1-877-652-6735).

We continue to support the Mac platform with our award-winning graphics products including the recently released Corel Painter 8, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 11, Corel KPT Collection and Corel KnockOut 2.

A translation of that is that Corel is pulling Bryce 5 for Mac from retail shelves, but will still sell it through the companyis telephone store. TMO is in the process of gathering more information and will post updates as news becomes available.