Cosmic Encounter Fools Players Today

Future Pastimes has announced enhanced Cosmic Encounter gameplay on April Fools Day. Cosmic Encounter is an online gaming community where battles for supremacy occur daily. The day promoses to be filled with suprises and challenges players to adapt to the holiday hijinx. According to Future Pastimes:

Aliens Gone Crazy On April Fools Day.

Cosmic Encounter Online designer Peter Olotka at Future Pastimes said "Cosmic players are adept at taking surprise and change in stride, but on April Fools Day they will be blasted to a whole new level. Players will need to be prepared for igotchai, iregotchai and iunregotchai."

With the flexible all Flash design of Cosmic Encounter Online, all bets are off as the lobby, the aliens, and game resources will be in a state of constant flux throughout the day. Cosmic April Fools Day can be enjoyed by both Free Players and as a members alike.

You can find more information about the April Fools gameplay at the Cosmic Encounter Online Web site. Memberships basically start at US$2.50 per week depending on membership scheme.