Cosmic Encounter Gets New Alien Character

Future Pastimes has released a new character for Cosmic Encounter called The Mite. Cosmic Encounter is an online gaming community where battles for supremacy occur daily. The Mite is an alien that forces opponents to react when threatened. According to Future Pastimes:


With the addition of the 28th alien, the Mite, cosmic combos increase by 2,925 to 20,475.

Cosmic Encounter Online is a multi-player game where humans have their brains augmented by a superior alien being. They are then locked in a series of short (30 minute) contests to dominate the cosmos.

The mite is a brand new alien. It has never been in any of the board game versions. It was not listed in Future Features. It just chewed its way into the game with no pregame hype. It is the first online alien that forces its opponent to take an action. The opponent gets a pop out panel when the MITE uses its power. The Mite will serve as a template for future aliens that make opponents react like the Gambler, Seeker or Sniveler.

You can find more information about the new character at the at the Cosmic Encounter Online Web site. Memberships basically start at US$2.50 per week depending on membership scheme.