Creating QuickTime VR Got You Down? VR Worx Can Help

VR Toolbox Inc. has updated their QuickTime VR suite of editing and creation tools, VR Worx, to version 2.0. VR Worx allows developers to more easily create QuickTime VR based content through a host of tool and utilities. According to VR Toolbox:

VR Toolbox, Inc. officially announces the shipping of The VR Worx? v2.0, effective immediately. The VR Worx is VR Toolboxis award-winning suite of authoring tools for QuickTime VR, and the new version, 2.0, is now available for both Macintosh and Windows platforms. The VR Worx 2.0 has more features and greater functionality than any other QTVR authoring tool on the market. It creates panoramic movies, object movies and multi-node scenes (a.k.a. virtual tours), all in the QuickTime format.

The engineers for VR Toolbox have developed new features and built new capabilities into The VR Worx 2.0, based on feedback received from beta testers and users alike. The resulting additions to the product are practical, time saving, efficient and cutting edge in nature. Among the new features found in The VR Worx 2.0 are:

  • Ability to generate an Object Movie that has the Object within a Panoramic background, called Object in Pano
  • Scriptable via AppleScript? on the MacOS? and Visual Basic? scripts on Windows?
  • Option to Reference Source Images or bring Source Images into Project Document
  • Option to use the new ?HyperStitch? a fast stitching capability
  • Multinode Transitions, including Cross Fade, Wipe, Zoom, Radial, Iris, etc
  • Optimized for the World Wide Web, via existing Templates and pre-built HTML pages containing movies, as well as ability to customize the preview image.
  • Import and Export Pano Image at 10,000 x 3,000 pixels
  • Templates pre-built to lens specifications of the new cameras on the market
  • And more

Add these to the existing features that separate The VR Worx form competitors, like Built-In Image Editors, Sound Support in Object Mode, Chroma-Key Background Matte Effects, Transparency Stitch Viewer, Frame Based Animation, Centering, Cropping, and De-Wobbling Effects, Unlimited Hot Spots in all Modes, Scene Module accepts Panoramas, Objects, Still Images and Linear Movies as Nodes, Built-In Support for Mechanized Object Rigs, Edit and Preview Multi-Node Scenes without rendering finished movie, Ability to build Panos and Objects from within the Scene Module, and others.

VR Worx is available for US$299, while registered users of previous versions may upgrade for US$79. You can find more information at the VR Toolbox web site.