Creative Manager Pro Updated With Improved Safari Support

Creative Manager, Inc. has released an update for Creative Manager Pro, bringing it to version 6.1. Creative Manager Pro is a utility designed for tracking project based information. The update features improved support for Safari 1.2. According to Creative Manager, Inc.:

Creative Manager, Inc., provider of Creative Manager Pro announced today version 6.1 of its web-based project management software, including enhancements to improve performance and to take advantage of the new features in Appleis new Safari 1.2.

Meanwhile, Creative Manager, Inc. is currently in the final stages of development of its new sync and sharing tools allowing users to take their web-based calendars and contacts on the road, using iCal and AddressBook.

Using the new Safari features, users can now navigate the entire screen full of pop-up menus, buttons and fields using only the keyboard. Extended Java support enables Creative Manager Pro to perform more editing and verification functions locally before the user hits the submit button.

You can find more information about the Creative Manager Pro update at the Creative Manager, Inc. Web site. Creative Manager Pro pricing is based on a "Price per Login User" scheme.