Creative Planet Looks At Digital Content Industry's Take On G5's Speed & Power

Creative Planet has posted an article looking at Appleis new Power Mac G5 and the reaction to it from the multimedia creation community. The article features quotes from leaders of such companies as Digidesign and Steinberg, along with information about the future of multimedia creation on the G5. From CreativePLANET:

Steve Jobs confirmed the rumors that have been circulating on the Internet of late with an announcement during his keynote address at the recent Worldwide Developers Conference that the PowerPC G5, a joint effort by Apple and IBM, will be "the worldis fastest desktop computer."

The news was received with enthusiasm by a digital audio industry that is constantly working to increase sample and bit rates, requiring ever more throughput and storage capacity. "Whether a customer uses an entry-level Pro Tools LE system, or a ipower on demandi Pro Tools TDM system with dedicated Pro Tools|HD DSP cards, users can expect improved performance, in particular, enhanced RTAS plug-in processing and UI responsiveness," says Digidesign general manager Dave Lebolt.

Steve Garth, CEO of Steinberg North America, is also excited by the potential of the G5. "Based on the press release and the information on the website, itis a leap forward for Mac users. It looks like a much better machine than the existing ones out there for Apple users doing audio, so Iim pretty pumped. The Windows platform has been way ahead in terms of performance for such a long time now. If this can deliver the goods as published, Iim happy. Whatis good for the customer in terms of performance is good for us."

You can read the full article at Creative Planetis Web site.