Creative Planet Reviews Apple's Xserve RAID

Admins, have you been wondering how to convince your boss that Appleis Xserve RAID is the catis meow and you - errr - your organization really needs to have one, and now? If you have been waiting for someone to post a subjective review, we have good news for you...

Creative Planet has posted a fairly in-depth review of Appleis Xserve RAID. The magazine was able to test a pre-release unit from Apple. Hereis a bit of Creative Planetis review of Xserve RAID:

Recently, ProMax showed the new Xserve RAID running HD video with a CineWave card as well as a DeckLink card running SD video. We used both a tower G4/1000DP and an Xserve G4/1000 DP. We expect no issue with Kona SD and HD. Our tests showed data rates to be 190 MB/sec reads and 168 MB/sec writes. The Xserve RAID unit we used was not a final shipping product thus we expect data rates to go up maybe 10 to 15% or possibly even more. It was configured with 512+512 MB cache controllers and a total of 14 drives. We configured each side of 7 drives into RAID-5. We then striped these two pairs as RAID-0 which is called RAID-50 - with this you get redundancy with RAID-5 and with RAID-0 you get maximum performance.

Check out the full article at Creative Planet.