Crescendo Firmware Update And New RAID Device Released

Sonnet Technologies has released a firmware update for the Crescendo/WS and a new Temp RAID drive. The Crescendo/WS firmware update fixes operational instability with certain DIMM modules. The new Tempo RAID 133 offers users the ability of stripe writing to extended capacity storage devices. According to Sonnet Technologies:

This Sonnet firmware update adjusts specific logic memory timing parameters on the Crescendo/WS processor upgrade card. This fixes operational instability of the Crescendo/WS resulting from installation of certain combinations of DIMM (RAM) modules. This software does not alter the Apple firmware on PowerBook G3 Series machines. This firmware also update boosts the maximum supported memory on the Crescendo/WS from 192MB to 512MB, far exceeding Apple Computeris stated maximum capacity for these systems.

The Tempo RAID133 is the latest addition to Sonnetis family of Tempo ATA drive controller products, and provides performance gains of up to three times that of the computeris original storage solution. Now these Mac owners can enhance their storage and computing capabilities with RAID striping (Level 0) technology incorporated entirely in hardware. By striping from hardware, the Tempo RAID133 allows booting from the RAID volume, unlike software RAID products which may require a separate boot drive. Tempo RAID133 owners will experience top transfer rates using low cost, larger capacity IDE drives. Compared to more costly SCSI solutions, ATA hardware RAID provides an economical high-performance alternative.

You can find more information about the Crescendo firmware update and Tempo RAID drives at the Sonnet Technologies Web site. The Tempo RAID 133 is available for US$199.95.