Crescendo Line Gets A New PCI G4 Family Member

Sonnet Technologies has released a new upgrade card for legacy Mac users, the Crescendo/PCI G4 700 MHz. The card is designed to boost processing speed from 450 MHz to 700 or 800 MHz on Power Macs and other configurations. According to Sonnet Technologies:

Sonnet Technologies, the worldwide leader in upgrade cards for Apple Macintosh® computers, announces the latest addition to its Crescendo line of products, the Crescendo/PCI G4 700 MHz processor upgrade for PCI Power Mac® machines.

This product and the Crescendo/PCI G4 800 MHz (that shipped in August) make up Sonnetis new high-performance line of PCI upgrades. Both products utilize Motorolais new 745X AltiVec&Mac250;-enabled G4 chip, and include 1MB of L3 backside cache.

The Crescendo/PCI G4 700 is the second Sonnet solution to shatter the old speed barrier for these popular Macintosh systems. While previous generations of the G4 were limited to nine times the speed of the bus in the host system, this new design allows a much higher multiple, raising the theoretical maximum from 450 MHz to speeds of 700 MHz and 800 MHz. Sonnet engineers have fully addressed several major challenges unique to this new generation of processors that have prevented others from introducing similar solutions. T

You can find more information about the Crescendo/PCI G4 700 MHz processor upgrade at the Sonnet Technologies Web site. The Crescendo/PCI G4 700/1M will be available on October 15, 2002 for US$349.95.