Crumpler to Hold "Beer for Bags" Sale in Manhattan

Crumpler USA, the US branch of the Australian camera, iPod, laptop (and other techy gear) bags, announced Monday that it would be holding its first annual "Beer for Bags" sale at its two Manhattan retail outlets from June 3 - June 11, 2006. The concept places specific types and quantities of beer in exchange for specific Crumpler bags.

For example, one case of Leffe & 1 Bottle of Chimay can be exchanged for the companyis most popular messenger bag, The Complete Seed, "representing a saving of over $30 for punters." (Assuming, of course, that you donit know a guy who knows another guy who can get a hold of a case of this Chimay stuff what fell off the back of a truck. In that case, the savings could be even more substantial, but you didnit hear that from us.)

One case of Leffe & 1 Bottle of Chimay will
net you this bag, called The Complete Seed.
The concept is an Australian import, where Crumpler has had great success in promoting its brand through the Beer for Bags sale for years. This marks the first time the company will try this particular brand of Australian marketing to the US market.

Company spokesperson John Thursday said, "the idea of the beer for bags sale is to approach the annual sale concept in a most unusual manner. We aim to challenge consumersi expectations in a fun way. This promotion has been a terrific success in Australia and we are looking forward to similar rewards in New York."

Itis also a reflection of Crumpleris quirky approach to selling bags, with highly stylized designs and very Australian names such as The Dreadful Embarrassment, The Salary Sacrifice, and The Skivvy.

Crumpler is also very Mac and iPod friends, which is the reason the sale warrants mention at The Mac Observer. The company offers a variety of Mac and iPod specific bags, including The MacBook Pro School Hymm (featured below).

The MacBook Pro School Hymm, as featured on Crumpleris Web site.

The first annual US Beer for Bags sale will be held from June 3 - June 11 at the companyis two Manhattan locations, 45 Spring St. and 49 8th Ave.