:CueCat Scanner Now Mac Compatible

Digital:Convergence has released a Macintosh version of their :CRQTM Software. The software, combined with the :QueCat hand scanner, allows users to easily find Web and Internet links to a wide variety of information from both print and television media. The :QueCat became popular last year when subscribers to Wired Magazine were given the product for free, and Wired included many :QueCat linked ads. According to Digital:Convergence:

Digital:Convergence Corporation today announced the release of the Macintosh version of its :CRQ(tm) print-to-Web and broadcast-to-Web software. The Windows version of the software has garnered nearly 1.4 million registered users since its initial release in September 2000. :CRQ ("See Our Cue") technology uses embedded "cues" to empower publishers, broadcasters and manufacturers to help consumers access relevant Web-based content quickly and directly.

Print cues, which look like product codes, can be inserted into most print material and are read through the :CRQ software with a :CueCat(tm) device. The hand-held :CueCat device, available in a USB version compatible with most Macintosh computers, reads the cues and instantly links a useris browser to a related Web page. The technology, which eliminates the input of lengthy URLs and time-intensive Web navigation, is used in a variety of industries, including magazines such as Forbes, Parade, Gear, and Rosie, Verizon Yellow Page directories, RadioShack and IBM E-servers catalogs, credit unions and in more than 47 college textbooks available in fall 2001.

The :CueTV(tm) broadcast-to-Web application of the technology uses short audio prompts linking users to relevant Web pages. NBC is launching :CueTV enhanced programming nationally this summer. Additionally, the :CueCat device can read any UPC or ISBN symbol on a product, making it instantly interactive with the Internet.

You can find more information at the Digital:Convergence Web site.