Cumulus And PowerPoint Play Nice Together

In order to help their users more easily work with Cumulus files in PowerPoint, Canto bas released Cumulus AssetStore for PowerPrint. The AssetStore allows users to mainpulate single slides rather than entire presentations, and catalog and track slides. According to Canto:

Canto today released the Cumulus AssetStore for PowerPoint. The AssetStore is an option for the entire Cumulus product line - which consists of a Single User Edition, a Workgroup Edition and an Enterprise Edition - and allows to efficiently manage slides created with MS PowerPoint.

Many of the Cumulus users from corporate publishing to medical fields regard single slides as their assets instead of an entire PowerPoint presentation. Usually single slides are copied from different presentations to compose a new presentation.

Cumulus 5 implements a clean abstraction layer between Cumulus and where the asset is actually stored. Cumulus AssetStore modules then implement the specific knowledge on how to access an asset. E.g. the URL AssetStore implements access to assets on ftp servers, whereas the AssetStore for PowerPoint implements a communication with the PowerPoint application to manage the slides within a presentation file.

User Benefits:

  • Automatically catalogs all slides of a PowerPoint presentation in addition to creating a record for the entire presentation document
  • Allows users to efficiently look up single slides instead of opening presentations and searching manually for a specific slide.
  • Extract and/or delete single slides from a presentation

AssetStore for PowerPrint is available for US$19.95. You can find more information at the Canto web site.