Cumulus Gets DIG3 5 Assest Management Ability

Canto has released the DIG35 AssetStore for Cumulus. The DIG3 5 AssetStore allows users to to easily identify and edit all Assets that include DIG3 5 metadata. According to Canto:

Canto released the DIG35 AssetStore,an Option for the entire Cumulus product line - which consists of a SingleUser Edition, a Workgroup Edition and an Enterprise Edition. The Optionallows to efficiently manage all Assets that include DIG35 Metadata.

"The DIG35 Metadata Specification provides a comprehensive set ofcontent-focused metadata definitions," said Jennifer Neumann, president ofCanto. "This is an important move, as metadata defines the value of allassets. With this new released DIG35 module, Canto proves its commitment tosupport this standard by shipping this product shortly after itsannouncement and emphasizes once again Canto1s leading role in the MAMbusiness. Today Cumulus 5 is ready for the first upcoming digital camerasand scanners that will provide DIG35 Metadata."

Technology Background
DIG35 member companies, Adobe Systems Inc., AGFA-GEVAERT N.V., Canon Inc.,Eastman Kodak Company, Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd., HP, Microsoft Corporation,NETIMAGE, PhotoChannel Networks Inc., PhotoWorks, Inc., PictureIQCorporation, Polaroid Corporation, and have collaborated for18 months to create a robust platform agnostic, application and file formatindependent set of metadata for describing elements of an image.

The DIG35 Metadata Specification has been reviewed by the public, by severaluniversities, and by organizations such as the National InformationStandards Organization (NISO) and the International Organization forStandardization (ISO) JPEG2000 Working Group. The relevant portions of thespecification have been submitted to the JPEG2000 file format subgroup andhave been incorporated into the JPEG2000 Part 2 specification committeedraft.

The DIG35 Metadata Specification, including the XML DTD and schema, isavailable today for public download on the DIG web site For more information about the DIG35 InitiativeGroup or to download the DIG35 Metadata Specification, visit the DIG websiteat