Custom Color Options For iPods And Laptops From ColorWare

ColorWare Inc. has announced support for customized Apple coloring services. The service provides 24 different color options for iPods and Apple laptops. The coloring service features both solid coloring and two-color fades for iPods. According to ColorWare:

ColorWare Inc. Brings 24 Colors To Apple Computer Products With Their Latest Offerings

If youire in the market for a new Apple product this holiday season, you may want to check out ColorWare, Inc., a leader in colored computer products.

As a result of an increase in demand for colored computers, ColorWare has found that loyal Apple customers are asking for an alternative to the standard white and silver products currently offered by Apple; Colorware offers Apple products in 24 different colors.

Since 1999, ColorWare has been the company that other computer manufacturers turn to when looking to increase sales of their products. Colorware is able to custom color almost any product. You can send them 10 or 10,000 products to color; there is no quantity limitation. With their patented color process, which is a hybrid between the manufacturing and automotive painting industry, Colorware is able to color any type of surfaces, including plastics and medals.

You can find more information about the coloring services at the ColorWare Web site. iPod coloring is available for US$49.00, and laptop coloring retails for US$399.00.