Custom Countdowns In FCP Tip At has posted a new tip for users of Final Cut Pro. The tip, written by Stephen Schleicher, shows users how to use custom created countdowns when printing to tape. While the standard countdown in Final Cut is applicable for most tape layoffs, customized countdowns can be used to create company specific countdowns for a more professional look and feel. According to

Even though Final Cut Pro can place a countdown on your tape automagically for you, that same FCP countdown can get rather boring.  In this Final Cut Pro Quick Tip, I’ll show you how you can use your own countdown with the Print to Tape command.

The option of using your own countdown with the Print to Tape command has been around for quite some time.  Why would you want to use a countdown other than the one supplied with Final Cut Pro?  If you are a company that has developed your own unique countdown, or if you are someone who is putting slate information in the countdown you will probably want to replace the default countdown.

You can find more information about the tip at the Web site.