Custom OS X Dock Skins From ITTPOI

Infinity-to-the-Power-of-Infinity has released a public beta version of Skin a Dock, bringing it to version 1.0b1. Skin a Dock is an OS X dock customizer designed for applying unique skins to the OS X interface. The beta version ships with skin presets from Matthew Brice with other skins in development. According to Infinity-to-the-Power-of-Infinity:

Announcing the immediate availability of Skin a Dock - a program that will change the way the Mac OS X Dock looks.

By applying iskinsi - visual styles - to the dock, Skin a Dock allows you to take desktop customization to a new level. The program can also make the Dock background transparent, and customize the Poof cloud.

Skin a Dock includes several standard skins created by Matthew Bice at A skin archive is also hosted at IHeartNY, and new skins will be added as they become available.

You can find more information about the Skin a Dock beta release at the Infinity-to-the-Power-of-Infinity Web site. Skin a Dock 1.0b1 is available for US$10.00.