Customize Your Keyboard Layout

Mac OS X includes an option to reassign modifier keys to different functions. You can, for example, make your Command key work like the Control key, and remap the Option key to function as the Command key. You canit, however, remap the Enter key on your laptop to function as a Control key without a little help from a utility like DoubleCommand.

DoubleCommand is a Preference Pane and kernel extension combination that gives you far more control over keyboard remapping than Appleis Keyboard & Mouse Preference Pane. While remapping my MacBook Prois Enter key to work as a Control key made my left handed world a little easier to work in since I donit have to reach over my left hand and trackpad every time I Control-click, it also offers a wide range of key modifier options to make other users happy as well.

Customize your keyboard layout with DoubleCommand.

DoubleCommand lets you remap the Enter key to work as the Option or fn key, swap the Command and Option keys, disable the Caps Lock, remap the Caps Lock to the Control key, and more.

Keep in mind that you should use DoubleCommand -- or any other tool that adds kernel extensions -- with caution since it makes modifications at the foundation of Mac OS X. If something goes wrong, you could be left with a Mac that doesnit boot until you reinstall the operating system. Also, some applications expect you to have an Enter key, and may not function properly if the key has been remapped and no longer appears to exist.

With that hefty warning in mind, DoubleCommand is an amazingly cool tool that gives you tons of control over remapping keys, and even lets you configure Windows-specific keyboards to act like Mac keyboards.

DoubleCommand is donationware, so be sure to pay what you think it is worth. You can download it at the DoubleCommand Web site.

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