Czar Helps Manage Options

SCA Mecanica has released Options Czar, a system/application for dealing with equity options. Using data from the Chicago Board Options Exchange, Options Czar allows users to track the performance of stocks and options, thus allowing easy portfolio management. According to SCA Mecanica:

SCA Mecanica has announced today the immediate availability of Options Czar, an innovative strategy design application for listed Equity Options. This first iteration of Options Czar uses free* data from the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) to evaluate a wide variety of options strategies, while allowing the user to track his/her stock and options portfolios. Options Czar 1.0 comes in two versions, PowerPC and Carbon. The latter runs natively on Mac OS X, Appleis next generation operating system.

Options Czar sets up a portfolio file that contains the useris stock holdings. For each of the stocks in his/her portfolio, he/she will be able to simulate the purchase and/or sale of the options that are listed on a given day. The user may select the options operations manually or through the Strategy Maker, an advanced feature that creates optimal options strategies, based on the useris stock predictions and other settings.

Options Czar will expand to include up-to-the-minute online market data along with the ability to perform operations from the application. SCA Mecanica is currently open to partnerships from companies that offer these services.

Options Czar is available for US$149. You can find more information at the SCA Mecanica Web site.