DEVONagent 1.0 Full Release Now Available

DEVONtechnologies has released a full version of DEVONagent 1.0, bringing it out of the beta testing phase. DEVONagent is a utility designed to be an automatic user defined search assistant. The full release features several enhancements including scanner improvements. According to DEVONtechnologies:

DEVONagent, DEVONtechnologiesi intelligent search agent and alternative browser, is now final.

The final version of DEVONagent comes with new Mac OS X services for starting queries and open a selected URL in the internal Safari-powered Web browser, dock menu commands directly open new browser, query or crawler windows and itis now possible to drag multiple results to DEVONthink, DEVONtechnologiesi knowledge database.

Also, the "Apple Developer Connection" plug-in and the "Webcam" scanner have been improved, the crawler sets revised, some minor localisation and interfaces glitches removed and the overall perfromance enhanced.

Both applications, DEVONthink and DEVONagent have been designed to work together for those who want to have a knowledge database with powerful Internet searching capabilities or a search agent with high-end archive.

You can find more information about the DEVONagent release at the DEVONtechnologies Web site. DEVONagent is available for US$35.00.