DEVONtech Updates EasyFind With Search Enhancements

DEVONtechnologies has released an update for EasyFind, bringing it to version 2.8. EasyFind is a search utility designed as a Sherlock replacement. The update features several enhancements including improved searching and bug fixes. According to DEVONtechnologies:

DEVONtechnologies updates the free find-file utility EasyFind to version 2.8.

EasyFind is an alternative to or supplement of Sherlock and finds files, folders or contents in any file without the need for indexing. Additionally, EasyFind features case sensitive or insensitive search, boolean operators, wildcards and searching for phrases.

EasyFind uses multithreading and so is very responsive even with multiple search processes running, provides contextual menus and Mac OS X services and displays the location of each item in a separate column for a better overview.

The update enables EasyFind to search for file contents in any file, not only plain text files, regardless of the file name extension or HFS type, comes with a new option to only search for folders and is able to sort by file type.

The contextual menu now only contains enabled items and so complies to Appleis Human Interface Guidelines.

Version 2.8.1 fixes some rare crashes and features minor interface improvements.

You can find more information about the EasyFind update at the DEVONtechnologies Web site. EasyFind is available as freeware.