DNA Enzyme Cutting From Mek & Tosj

Mek & Tosj have released a new app for Mac users, EnzymeX 1.0. EnzymeX is a science utility designed for molecular biologists seperating DNA sequences with restriction enzymes. The app features info on over 580 available enzymes and detailed search and references. According to Mek & Tosj:

Mek & Tosj like to announce the release of their second program, called EnzymeX.

EnzymeX is a scientific program, developed to help molecular biologists determine which restriction enzymes they should use to cut their DNA of interest. In addition, it gives all the specific properties of these enzymes to make sure that every digestion is a success.

Key features of EnzymeX are:

  • Information on over 580 commercially available enzymes
  • Information on activity in buffers from 14 different manufacturers
  • References with amino acid properties, codon tables etc.
  • Detailed search possibilities
  • Sharing a list of available enzymes with colleagues
  • Auto-update check over the internet
  • Direct link to appropriate ReBase (Restriction Enzyme Database) Webpage
  • Extensive help files

You can find more information about EnzymeX at the Mek & Tosj Web site. EnzymeX is available as a free download.