DNS Management Tool Comes To OS X

Men and Mice have released QuickDNS 3.5 for Mac OS X. QuickDNS allows users to easily manage DNS setting and information for multiple machines, including Mac OS X and Linux boxes. According to Men and Mice:

Men and Mice today released QuickDNS 3.5 for Mac OS X.? QuickDNS is the leading DNS management system for the Macintosh for nearly 5 years, receiving rave reviews in numerous publications. QuickDNS presents a breakthrough in DNS management as it enables simultaneous management of DNS servers on, not only Mac OS X but also Linux platforms.

QuickDNS Pro was recently upgraded to include a number of new powerful features granting the system itis outstanding 4 1/2 mouse product rating in Macworld magazine. Mel Beckman comments in Macworld review, April 2001 "Administering a DNS server can be a painful chore, unless youire using Men & Miceis QuickDNS Pro. Version 3.0 adds many useful features that make this the most powerful tool available for DNS serving and administration on either a Mac or PC."

The system increases productivity for both medium and small businesses and enables IT managers to allocate man-hours more efficiently by re-assigning DNS Management to less experienced IT Professional. Even companies with limited DNS experience can now manage their own DNS professionally.

QuickDNS is available for US$349. You can find more information at the Men and Mice Web site.