DTV Offers Access to Free Internet TV Channels

Participatory Culture Foundation (PCF) has released version 0.7 of DTV, a free application that enables users to choose from hundreds of Internet TV channels. While this is the first release of the software that isnit labeled a Beta, PCF noted in its blog: "There are still many tweaks, improvements and major new features ahead of us."

Changes in this update include a new interface, improvements to the channel settings and working preferences, speed improvements, the elimination of watch/browse tabs and more. The software is an open source platform thatis a complement to PCFis Broadcast Machine, which lets users broadcast full-screen video to thousands of viewers at a low cost.

DTV supports QuickTime 7 and RSS feeds, enabling it to work as an aggregator of video podcasts, and can handle http and BitTorrent downloads. Broadcasters can submit their channels to PCF for inclusion in DTVis channel guide.

Mac OS X v10.3 and QuickTime 7 are required.

DTV in action