DV.com Reviews Panasonic AG-DVC30 Camera

DV.com has posted a review of the Panasonic AG-DVC30 video camera. Adam Wilt offers readers an overview of the functions and control of the small in-between DV camera. While the size and feature set might leave a pro shooter wanting more, overall Mr. Wilt enjoyed working with the camera with ease and price in mind. From the article:

The Panasonic AG-DVC30, somewhat like the Canon GL2, sits between consumer tiny-cams and bulkier handhelds. On the one hand, it strives for compactness, ease of use, and special effects; on the other, it aims for the flexibility, control, and image quality professionals demand.

The result may be too much camera for the casual shooter, while leaving the control-freak pro a little bit frustrated, but as a crossover camera, it succeeds very nicely. I canit fault its image quality, and its selection of features and capabilities makes it well worth looking into.


The camera is a pleasure to operate, especially for run-and-gun shoots. Between push-to-focus, EVF DTL, and the responsive focus ring, focusing is never in doubt. Zooming with the rocker gave me smoothness comparable to a "real" lens or the Sony PD150is zoom ring. Weight and balance feel right, while optical stabilization takes out most of the shakes. The lens shows some barrel distortion at full wide angle, but no more than in comparable cameras. The lens at full wide is on par with the GL2is, at 4.1 mm versus the GL2is 4.2 mm. Audio from the built-in mics is surprisingly good and free from camera-handling noise.

You can read the full article at the DV.com Web site. The Panasonic AG-DVC30 reatils for US$2,595.00.