DV.com on Logic Pro 6: "Serious Sound Design Software"

DV.com has posted a review of Appleis Logic Pro 6. Jay Rose offers readers an in-depth look at the audio software as it relates to film and video production. Specifically, Mr. Rose looks at the effects palette and how well the app handles cleaning sound found on dialog tracks or prepping a project for ADR (additional dialog recording) work, and he calls the product "serious sound design software." From the article:

Logic Pro 6 is serious sound design software that a video person could love. It contains enough elegant tools to handle just about any audio post chore from fixing dialog edits to creating sound effects, scoring, and the most complicated mixdown.


Two built-in effects are worth special mention. Space Designer is a convolution reverb, a technology that analyzes test signals done in real-world spaces and then simulates their acoustics to create echoes that match. It comes with a library of more than 1,000 spaces, including a bathroom, kitchen, and the inside of a car, along with the usual concert halls, cathedrals, and tweaked fantasy spaces. You can also sample your own rooms with a good microphone and speaker; the manual explains how. (In theory, you could grab the acoustics of any shooting set, then use Space Designer to make ADR match a boom track.)

There is much more in the full article at the DV.com Web site.