DVForge Ships iPod shuffle Clips, JamPod, JamPlug FM

DVForge on Thursday announced that itis now shipping its iPod shuffle accessory The Clips, an instrument-to-iPod connector called JamPod and JamPlug FM, which allows musicians to play an electric guitar or bass over any FM radio. The Clips, which sells for US$14.99, offers three ways to attach an iPod shuffle to your clothes or a bag or other accessory: a belt clip, a pin clip and a gripper that clamps down.

JamPod plugs into the top of any iPod with a dock connector and offers ports for headphones and a 1/4-inch instrument jack. When both are plugged in and a song is selected on the iPod, musicians can hear themselves play along through the headphones. Pricing is $29.99.

The JamPlug FM plugs into the output jack of an electric guitar or bass and transmits the music over one of six FM stations on a nearby radio. It features volume control and a built-in rechargeable battery. JamPlug FM comes with a wall charger and sells for $49.99.