DVI/HDMI Adapters from Gefen

Gefen announced the immediate availability of two new HDTV adapters on Wednesday. The DVI Audio to HDMI adapter includes DVI and TOSLink outputs, and a S/PDIF input. The unit passes high resolution DVI along with audio to the HDMI connector on HD monitors and televisions. The Component Audio to HDMI adapter lets you connect a standard VGA output source, like a computer, to an HDMI input connector. It includes left and right RCA audio input ports, and maintains video resolutions up to 1080p.

Both adapters are HDCP pass-through compliant, so copy protected content can be viewed without any degradation of resolution or signal quality. The DVI Audio adapter is priced at US$299, and the Component Audio to HDMI adapter is $199. The adapters are available for pre-order now.