DVI To ADC Adapter Coming To The UK

Mygate has announced that they are bringing the popular ADC to DVI converter, the DVIator, to the UK market. The DVIator allows users of non-ADC enabled machines to take advantage of Appleis latest line of monitor offerings. The Apple Display Connector (ADC) standard carries power, video signal, and USB connectivity in one cable. According to Mygate:

Mygate are delighted to launch the DVIator DVI-ADC Adapter to the UK market. DVIator (pronounced "deviator") allows the use of ADC displays through industry standard DVI (Digital Visual Interface) video.

"DVIator is the cost-effective yet elegant solution that Power Macintosh customers have been searching for since the introduction of the stunning ADC displays from Apple," said Maneesh Patel, Marketing Director at Mygate, "With DVIator and a DVI video card you can add additional ADC displays to a new G4, or upgrade an older Mac with Appleis new flat-panels."

DVIator combines DVI video, USB and external power to drive Appleis ADC 15", 17" and 22" displays without any loss in quality or functionality. It is compatible with all G4 Power Macs with built-in DVI video and older Macs that have a compatible DVI video card installed. The manufactureris internal testing included Beige Macs all the way down to the 7200.

The DVIator is available for ?109 (roughly US$150). You can find more information at the Mygate Web site.