DVI To ADC Connector Now Available At The Apple Store Online

Dr. Bott has announced that their DVI to ADC connector, the DVIator, is now available at the Apple Store online. The DVIator allows users without more current Macs, the models that support Appleis Apple Display Connector technology, to use Appleis line of ADC enabled monitors. According to Dr. Bott:

Dr. Bott LLC has signed an agreement with Apple and are proud to now offer their DVIator for ADC Adapter through the US Apple online store.

DVIator (pronounced "deviator") allows the use of ADC displays through industry standard DVI video.

With DVIator and a DVI video card you can add additional ADC displays to a new G4, or upgrade an older Mac with Appleis new flat-panels.

"Weire really excited for Apple to offer DVIator in their online store. DVIator is a truly elegant solution for a real problem. Daily we are talking to people who are doing things with Apple displays that werenit possible 2 months ago."

DVIator combines DVI video, USB and external power to drive Appleis ADC 15", 17" and 22" displays without any loss in quality or functionality. It is compatible with all G4 Power Macs with built-in DVI video and older Macs that have a compatible DVI video card installed. Dr. Bottis internal testing included Beige Macs all the way down to the 7200.

The DVIator is available through the Apple Store online for US$149. You can find more more information at the Dr. Bott Web site, or the Apple Store online.