DV Graphics Posts New Icon Sets

DV Graphics has released two new icon sets for download. The "Urban View 2" and "Brushed Minis" are icon series designed for the visual customization of a users system. According to DV Graphics:

DV Graphics comes back from the grave with two new icon sets!

After a dry spell of five months with no new freeware icons, DV Graphics bursts back onto the Mac-icon scene with two brand new sets.

The first set, a follow up to the very popular “Urban View” set from last year, Urban View 2 includes some of the more popular international landmarks. So now, where ever you are with your Mac, you can take a nice digital vacation on your desktop. Urban View 2’s design is a mixture of great architecture and a fun, sketchy feel. 

The second set is a very exciting one in that it takes a whole new perspective on your common application icon. “Brushed Minis” is a set of tiny brushed windows. To come up with this set, we had to think, “what is an icon?”. The obvious answer is: “a representation”…but of what? Well, in this case DVG designed to the extreme with a graphic set of “brushed window” icons. Really the only way to understand them is to see them for yourself.

You can find more information about the "Urban View 2" and "Brushed Minis" icon sets at the DV Graphics Web site. The icons sets are available as freeware.