DV Graphics Posts New Icon Sets

DV Graphics has released two new icon sets for download. The "Gooey Icons" are icon series designed for the visual customization of a users system. According to DV Graphics:

DV Graphics Releases New Icons For The Holidays.

Over the weekend, in addition to further modifying the site for better compatibility with several web browsers, DV Graphics released a new icon set called "Gooey Icons".

Modifications to the site include a newly design index page, and modified code across the board to help compatibility with IE 6, IE 5, Safari and OmniWeb.

The new "Gooey Icons" (A play on the acronym GUI) set are a playful and brightly colored collection of vector-based art designed exclusively in Adobe Illustrator.

You can find more information about the "Urban View 2" and "Brushed Minis" icon sets at the DV Graphics Web site. The icons sets are available as freeware.