DV Graphics ReportsRecord Downloads And Includes New Icons Sets

DV Graphics has announced record downloads for the week and has also released a new set of OS X icons. The icon sets are designed for customizing the look and appearance of a users desktop and is are under the title of "Switchers". The final count for the weeks crosses over the 200,000 mark. According to DV Graphics:

DV Graphics would like to report a very successful week.

It starts off with downloads for "Switchers" icon set surpassing 5,500 in 6 days. Making it, by far the most popular DVG icon set ever. With all those downloads came record-breaking hits for the site. Pushing 3,500 hits in a single day. And as a result, making total hits for DV Graphics shoot above 200,000.

Further augmenting the popularity of "Switchers" was itis inclusion on the Apple.com Mac OS X download page. All of this comes to today where I present a set of 3 new icons...The set is named "More Switchers" (Not feeling very creative).

This expands the "Switchers" collection to include the two new people posted today at Apple.com

You can find more information about the new icon sets at the DV Graphics Web site. The icons sets are available as freeware.