DVcreators.net Ships LiveType Tutorial CD

DVcreators.net is shipping a tutorial program for users of Appleis LiveType titling application. The LiveType PowerStart is a CD based training course designed to introduce users to the functions and techniques of LiveType. The CD ships with object and textures from LiveType Central for use within the program. According to DVcreators.net:

LiveType is a sophisticated and powerful motion graphics and titling application. Unfortunately, most users are only scratching the surface of this software—and not realizing the real potential of LiveType. The included documentation and other educational products show the obvious features but don’t begin to explore the true power waiting deep within LiveType.

LiveType PowerStart is for anyone wanting to unlock the hidden potential of LiveType, to truly comprehend how the software works, discover secret shortcuts and timesavers, and absorb a stream of awesome looking techniques, tips and tricks for creating mind-blowing eye candy.

You can find more information about LiveType PowerStart at the DVcreators.net Web site. LiveType PowerStart is available for US$49.95.