Dagwood Shilled By Pesky G5

A fellow TMO reader has tiped us to an Apple sighting in yesterdays "Blondie" comic, apparently Dagwood has a Mac user in his office. Bob Moody directed us to the strip in the Staunton Leader of Virgina, but the strip was most likely printed across the nation. From Bobis email:

In the "Blondie" comic strip this morning one of Dagwoodis co-workers is sitting at his desk in front of what is obviously a G5 with an apple studio display. Looks like he is running Jaguar, however. You can see the dock clearly. When Dagwood sits down to the computer to try it out it show, in big letters "Not You!"

I saw it in the Staunton Leader. Itis a Gannett paper (USA Today). But just about every paper will have carried it.

You can read the comic strip at any salvaged yesterdays newspaper. The comic is not currently available online, but please post a link to the strip below in the comments area if a link can be isolated.