Danicsoft Releases New Desktop Utility

Danicsoft is shipping a new app for Mac users, DeskCover. DeskCover is a utility designed for desktop image customization. The application features a translucent sheet that fits between te desktop image and icons for improved icon viewing. According to Danicsoft:

Danicsoft, the developer of popular utilities TunesTimer and SpeedRun, has unveiled itis newest offering this morning.

DeskCover solves an unrecognized yet widespread aesthetic error in Mac OS X. On lightly colored or busy desktop pictures, icon names become nearly unreadable. DeskCover inserts a customizable translucent sheet between your icons and the desktop picture. This sheet automatically resizes itself upon launch to fit all desktop icons within the sheet. The color and translucency of the sheet are modifiable from the preferences window, which can be accessed through a menu bar item.

You can find more information about the DeskCOver release at the Danicsoft Web site. DeskCover is available as donationware.