Danicsoft Updates DeskCover With Auto-Launching

Old Jewel Software has released an update for LazyMouse, bringing it to version 1.0.1. LazyMouse is a utility designed for automated cursor window targeting. The app forces the cursor onto the default dialog box button. According to Old Jewel Software:

Old Jewel Software released a minor update to LazyMouse, its system utility for dismissing dialogs quickly.

LazyMouse is a Preference Pane that moves the cursor to the default button whenever a dialog box appears on the screen. In other words, it will save the user time moving the mouse to dismiss dialogs.

Version 1.0.1 adds a Japanese localization and fixes a bug that would sometimes cause LazyMouse to crash if it encountered certain background-only applications.

You can find more information about the LazyMouse release at the Old Jewel Software Web site. LazyMouse is available for US$6.85.