Darlin' Won't You Take Me On A (Mac) Sea Cruise? CBS News Looks At Geek Cruise Attendees

An article at CBS News looks at some of the attendees of the recent Geek Cruise for Mac users. According to the article, attendees came from such places as Ohio, California, Michigan, Holland and Germany, with one couple on their honeymoon. The article goes on to look at the people themselves and some details of the cruise. From CBS News:

It takes a pretty hard-core computer lover to attend a seminar like it. After all, it wasnit exactly local. The attendees came from places such as Dayton, Ohio; Woodland Hills, Calif.; Battlecreek, Mich.; Holland and Bavaria, Germany.

One couple was even there on their honeymoon. And the seminar isnit cheap.

The cruise is about $2,300. The convention is $1,000. The total spent for the trip can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $5,000.

But then, the attendees are part of an extremely dedicated group. They are Apple Macintosh fans.

You can read the full article at CBS Newsi Web site.