Dartware Ports QuickPage To The Mac Platform

Dartware LLC has developed an OS X version of QuickPage for Mac users. QuickPage, originally developed by Thomas Dwyer III, is a paging app designed for sending messages directly to an alphanumeric pager. The app ships with Dartware enhancements for OS X including creating an installation script and modem code changes. According to Dartware LLC:

Dartware LLC has ported the open-source QuickPage package (also known as qpage) to run on MacOS X. QuickPage was developed by Thomas Dwyer III, and has been ported to run on many Unix systems.

QuickPage offers two facilities that work together, and can run concurrently on the same computer. These are:

  • A Simple Network Paging Protocol (SNPP) server, that listens for SNPP messages, and sends them through an analogue modem using the TAP protocol
  • A paging client that can send pages to a SNPP server

Dartware made minor changes to the modem initialization code to allow the package compile and run on OS X. In addition, Dartware created an installation script to place the pre-compiled Darwin/OS X binaries in the appropriate places, edit the configuration files, start the server, and create a StartupItem.

You can find more information about QuickPage at the Dartware LLC Web site. QuickPage is available as freeware.