Darwin Utility Updated

The XFree86 Project has released an update, bringing XFree86 to 4.2.0. XFree86 is a Darwin open source utility. The update includes XDarwin features like rootless server mode and GLX render support. According to The XFree86 Project:

The latest full release from the XFree86 Project, XFree86 4.2.0, is now available both online and in CD format. A quick summary of the new Darwin/Mac OS X specific features in 4.2.0 is:

On Mac OS X, a new rootless mode was added to the XDarwin X server. This allows X clients to display windows on the Aqua desktop

Xinerama support added to XDarwin

With XDarwin in full screen mode, the depth, size, and refresh rate can now be chosen to be different from the settings used by Aqua

GLX support added for Darwin and Mac OS X with software rendering

Keymap setup in XDarwin is improved, particularly for international keyboards

In addition to English and Japanese, the XDarwin user interface is now localized in Dutch, French, German, Spanish, and Korean.

You can find more information about the XFree86 update at the XFree86 Project Web site. XFree86 4.2.0. is available for US$24.95.