Data Mining Tool Now With AppleScript Support

KnowledgeMiner has released a full version of KnowledgeMiner, bringing it to version 4.0. KnowledgeMiner is a data mining app designed to detect trends from raw data. The new version has several improvements including AppleScript support. According to KnowledgeMiner:

KnowledgeMiner 4.0 is revolutionary learning and modeling tool that goes beyond neural nets using gmdh and analog complexing. It has the power to predict with an ease and accuracy that is not available in any other software on any other platform. Now Applescriptable.

Version 4.0 features:

  • extended AppleScript support (Mac)
  • first version that runs on Windows 98, 2000, and NT using Ardiis Executor Mac OS runtime environment (Windows)
  • workflow processing - importing data from databases or spreadsheets, data preprocessing, data mining, prediction/classification of new data, and returning processed data - by running a single script
  • creating and predicting from within a script
  • creating documents of a certain table dimension via AppleScript
  • calculation of the ROC integral as a measure of classification power of a model
  • an actual vs. predicted view added
  • fixed bug when calculating the AEV criterion on an out-of-sample data subset (examination set) during modeling

Included datasets and examples range from; stock market trends, medical diagnosis, global temperature predictions, failure of materials (like the Challenger Space Shuttle O-Ring), wine recognition, national economy, to party affiliation in the US congress. The many examples included with KM show its power to work on human issues.

You can find more information about the new version of KnowledgeMiner from the KnowledgeMiner Web site. KnowledgeMiner 4.0 is available for US$120.00.