Data Recycler Updated With Renaming Enhancements

Prosoft Engineering has released an update for Data Recycler, bringing it to version 1.3. Data Recycler is a utility designed for retrieving deleted data and files. The update features renaming enhancements and improved compatibility. According to Prosoft Engineering:

Data Recycler X, a software utility tool built for Mac OS X v10.x, is now shipping version 1.3, a new release that fixes compatibility issues with Mac OS X 10.3.3.

Data Recycler X provides instant undelete that protects the user from accidental file deletion. By protecting drive space being occupied by deleted files, Data Recycler allows the user to recycle the deleted trash and return all (or selected) files back to the user in perfect condition. Data Recycler includes three levels of file shredding.

The new version adds the following new features:

  • Files in the cache are now renamed and kept in a flat hierarchy to prevent \\"smart\\" installers from finding items in the cache
  • Changed method of notification posting to address the potential security problem of an application launching at the login screen
  • Path and Owner columns added to file browser
  • Fixed a problem where open-unlinked files could sometimes get shredded
  • Recovered files now have their owner changed to the user running Data Recycler, so that they can be deleted by that user
  • Support for users with relocated home directories

You can find more information about the Data Recycler update at the Prosoft Engineering Web site. Data Recycler is available for US$49.00.