Database Plug-In Update

Paradigma Software ha released a new beta of its Valentina XCMD database plug-in. The plug-in offers improved performance and allows users of any of Appleis "card" products greater flexibility. According to Paradigma Software:

Paradigma Software released beta 2 of its Valentina XCMD database product.

Valentina XCMD beta 2 adds improvements to increase overall stability and speed for users of the Macintosh database plug-in. In addition, VXCMDb2 also introduces a cross-platform solution for users of MetaCard Corporationis MetaCard development tool for Macintosh and Windows.

Valentina XCMD works with any Macintosh "card" scripting tool, including Appleis HyperCard, IncWell SuperCard, and MetaCard. Third parties have also created a special wrapper for using Valentina XCMD with Userlandis Frontier web scripting tool.

Valentina XCMD is based on the Valentina database kernel, an ultra-fast database solution for software developers. Valentina solutions are available for REAL Softwareis REALbasic, Macromedia Director, Metrowerks CodeWarrior, Microsoft C++ and Purity Softwareis WebSiphon. Valentina Server, a cross-platform multi-user server, is slated for release in Q1 2001.

Valentina XCMDb2 is available for US$199, or $299 for crossplatform support for MetaCard. You can find more information at the Paradigma Software web site.