Database Tool Goes Java

Paradigma Software has released a preview version of their database development tool based solely on the Java programming language. Valentia for Java b1 is the first version of the Valentia database development tool to offer full client-side support for Java applications. According to Paradigma Software:

Paradigma Software announced the availability of its first software developeris solution for Java development.

Valentina for Java (VJSDK) beta 1 is the first of Paradigma Softwareis line of database tools for development of client side pure Java applications. VJSDK employs the same base Valentina API, allowing developers who are already familiar with other Valentina products, such as Valentina for REALbasic, to get a jump-start to integrating Valentina into their Java applications, including support of BaseObject methods, BLOBs and the Valentina implementation of SQL.

Valentina for Java is based on the Valentina database kernel, an ultra-fast database solution for software developers. Valentina solutions are available for REAL Softwareis REALbasic, Macromedia Director, Metrowerks CodeWarrior, Microsoft C++, Purity Softwareis WebSiphon, and as an XCMD for HyperCard, SuperCard, MetaCard and MacPerl.

The beta version of Valentia for Java is available for free from the Paradigma web site. Pricing for the final version has not yet been decided. You can find more information at the Paradigma Software web site.