Database Utility EasyDB Framework Shipping From MacOSGuru

MacOSGuru has released a new app, EasyDB Framework. EasyDB Framework is a database utility designed for accessing servers via OS X during database development. The app ships with a comprehensive user guide and a demo app. According to MacOSGuru:

MacOSGuru is proud to announce the immediate availability of "EasyDB Framework" to access any major database server from your own Mac OS X applications.

EasyDB is designed for Cocoa / MacOS X developers to speed up database application design and development. The EasyDB Framework comes with a comprehensive documentation and examples illustrating how to use EasyDB with your own applications.

Download the EasyDB Framework for free (including a comprehensive Users Guide and an extensive demo application). Examples included on:

  • how to open database connections
  • execute SQL queries
  • display the result set in NSTableViews
  • retrieve and display BLOB values (examples for Rich Text and Images included)
  • and execute SQL updates and commands
  • how the framework handles character sets and encoding for you

You can find more information about the EasyDB Framework release at the MacOSGuru Web site. EasyDB Framework is free for individuals, while commercial license start at US$149.00.